Saturday, 12 February 2011

February 2011

Is it just me or is this year racing by?

In the last 5 years I have seen so many marriages, births, significant birthdays and challenges that I am really starting to love what makes the 30's special. If the 10's is about exploring your local area the teens your fellow humans and your twenties the world. For me the 30's is about bringing all that back to the centre and home, kinda like you did the research and now you are living the findings.

I am also almost 3 months into my new job. It challenges Whirlwind for the most fun workplace where I am surrounded by creative, energetic people everyday. Below is the photo diary of Feb so far.

appropriate work attire?
South African themed - Beer and Braai party
Check out this you tube on the Braai rules hilarious.

Rangitoto from St Heliers Bay
Perfect gold gumboot weather
Duck at Cocoro Japanese restaurant - Amazing
and the lamb - only 2 of 9 courses - highly recomended

beautiful sunset view from my balcony
Can you tell I love flowers?
Fly my pretties, with Anna Coddington
Fun night full of colourful characters
The amazing Kellis
Spaceman rope contortionist

January 2011 "The year of happiness and dreams"

Every year I give the 365 days a theme, last year was the year of love and this year a friend of mine inspired me so it is the year of happiness and dreams.

Below is my photo diary of happenings in January.

30th birthday boat cruise on Auckland Harbour
Disco queen
Lunchtime walks up Mt Eden
Free tickets to The National live at the Powerstation
Work trip to Christchurch - view of Canterbury
Ron Mueck - Realist sculpture exhibition
Day at the beach part one - flat tyre
Day at the beach part two - first beach swim of 2011

Day at the beach part three - homebound traffic
Wellington weekend
Cricket at Westpac Stadium
OK beer but weird name - Brains (Welsh)
Hells Pizza crazy $1 deal yummmmm
RIP the storm blown granny smith apple tree as old as me
Outrageous Fortune Exhibition
My favourite character - Pascal
January has been a blast.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Christmas & New years 2010/2011

Food, Family and festivities in photos:

The door decorations keep expanding

Lifesize snowglobe in the park
Frosty the snowman
The big kid
Wheelbarrow of food at Carinthia restaurant mmmmmm!
Beautiful steak at Mudbrick on Waiheke
Toni's hens night
Christmas at the Smith's with mandatory cracker hat
NYE dinner at Midnight Express
Sweaty New year party girl
and in case you are wondering, yes I only have one party frock for the whole season.

Happy New Year and hope its a great one for everyone.
T xx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Elf Yourself by Officemax

My sister sent me these hilarious skits of my family doing disco and hip hop. Well worth a play.

The Hip Hop version

The Disco version

now if only I had all these moves in real life.

Monday, 13 December 2010

My little sis turns the big 30

Last post for the night. A little one to say how proud I am of my little sister for all she has achieved in the last 30 years and with such style and enthusiasm. Plus she doesn't look a day older than her 21st another blast of a party.

Hope our next 30 together are just as much fun - love you xxxx

Natural beauty and Swashbuklers

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the authentic beauty tour of the 100% Natural Living Nature brand and it was really inspiring. Not only because of the amazing products they produce and the benefits of plants from our very own back door. But also because we had the chance to listen to two inspiring Kiwi women, Lorraine Downes and Petra Bagust, both who are wonderful examples of beauty inside and out. Anyone stuck for Christmas presents should consider these products as they are really really good. My favourite is the refreshing body lotion it glides on so nicely, smells good enough to eat and makes your skin glow.

Check out their website as they really are producing some amazing products with these super ingredients:
Harakeke, Kelp, Kumerahou, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil, Totarol, Halloysite Clay, Calendula

After this we went for dinner at a restaurant I have driven past atleast 1,000 times and always been curious but never been in and I have to say it's a must. Swashbucklers has it all a crazy theme and decor, fantastic service, massive food and seafood seafood seafood for those lovers as well as a stunning outlook over the harbour and all at a good price.

Te Rau Rainbows

I went for a drive to Te Rau and on the way we saw the most spectacular rainbow of which no photo can do justice as it was massive, perfect in arc, Featured a second one above, had the most vibrant light and featured every colour of the spectrum. There were more cars than just us pulled over to wonder at its magnificence.

Whilst there I saw more lady birds than I think I have ever seen and tried a lemonade fruit for the first time and man are they yum. I am sure the rainbow and the lady bird were signaling a change in my luck.
Then we headed back to town to celebrate the end of Movember at the official Gala party. My Mo Bro raised a fab $365 for his efforts. There were some very funny outfits and crazy personalities on the night both over shadowing the actual Mo's. I dressed up as a hawaiian gal which was fun to get into the spirit.

My favourite Mo of the night was definitely the Leprechaun as he even went through the pain of bleaching it before he dyed it green - that's what I call commitment to your outfit. Colonel Sanders was pretty funny as well.
Then to round out the weekend of Charity on Sunday I went to the Santa Parade to help collect donations for the Leukemia and Blood Foundation. It was the most amazing sunny day and my duo ended up raising $200 so not too bad an effort. This year saw alot of really wonderful balloons.